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Label your public LBRY address with a name and an optional link. In order to tag this address, please send exactly 25.81025230 LBC from bNAdMBwYVm5DCNu437ptnnARvLG55gdhQ1 to bLockNgmfvnnnZw7bM6SPz6hk5BVzhevEp and then specify the desired tag (maximum 30 characters) and link in the fields below. The transaction will be verified after at least 1 confirmation. The 25.81025230 LBC fee is a measure to prevent spam and low-effort submissions. Verification is an automatic process, but any tags or URLs that may be considered illegal when brought to attention will be removed.
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Height Transaction Hash Timestamp Confirmations Inputs Outputs Amount
595849 06 Jul 2019 11:21:16 UTC 24,757 2 2 -0.04402950 LBC
595849 06 Jul 2019 11:21:16 UTC 24,757 2 2 +0.04402950 LBC